5 Tips on Buying a Wedding Guest Dress for Men

Weddings are always an exciting occasion but at the same time figuring out what to wear at those functions can be quite a headache. Searching for the perfect look can be quite overwhelming if there is a specific theme or a dress code. Check out these top 5 tips on how to dress up for a wedding reception. 

  1. Time of the wedding – As a guest you can never go wrong with a smart as well as an elegant outfit. You should keep in mind that it should be comfortable enough for the ceremony or even for a night of dancing. If it is a daytime wedding, your outfit can be more informal. 
  2. Avoid sweats – Avoid sweats even in mild doses, not at all. You shouldn’t wear it even at the end of the function because you are cold and your t-shirt/shirt doesn’t have sleeves. Try to bring with you a real jacket, wrap or a sweater. Hanging around in a sweatshirt that is or was meant for your college wear is plain disrespectful. It is most obvious that the bride and groom must have hired someone to take photos on their big day and the last thing they would want is in those photos is see you sulking around in a worn out hoodie. 
  3. Play it safe– at times men end up attending weddings as their business partner’s brother’s half sister tying the knot or he is a plus one for another person. In fact there is all kind of scenario which can land a man at a marriage where he simply does not know anyone and this also includes the groom and bride and he is absolutely unfamiliar with the location and venue. When this takes place, the finest thing which he can do is in playing it safe with regards to what to put on a wedding for males as a guest. This means putting on a dark suit every time. The safest choice here is black
  4. Theme- there are couples who wish to have a theme wedding. The guests who had been invited to the theme wedding must read carefully over the invitation for understanding what form of attire is ideal 
  5. Venue– the venue of the wedding is amid the biggest clues accessible to guests regarding which attire will be appropriate. So carefully consider the venue of the wedding while picking an outfit. Mosques, synagogues and churches are the places of worship. So if a couple ties the knot here, it is good to avoid attire which is too informal or casual. Beach weddings are more relaxed. Here it is best to wear button-up shirts and khakis rather than t-shirts and jeans. Destination weddings these days have gained enough recognition. While attending an exotic destination wedding it is wise in consulting with the groom and the bride about the attire. The expectations may differ in a specific area or culture. In fact it is essential in conducting a research about the destination for selecting clothing which is culturally appropriate as well as comfortable given the weather patterns 

So these were five tips when it comes to getting dressed as guest at a wedding. Just try to dress appropriately with your matching wedding bands   or new styles of  men rings , wedding rings for men and for the occasion without overtly doing so. Accessorising is important but they can also make or break your look. 

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